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At Sandhurst Rest Home, our main priority during the Covid-19 pandemic is to protect our residents and staff. We have put in place some extremely robust measures and procedures to minimise the risk of Covid-19 to both our residents and staff. Our Infection Control Promise details the measures and procedures we have put in place in line with East Sussex County Council and the current Government advice.

Covid-19 Infection Control Promise

We are consistently applying infection control procedures that meet or exceed the requirements in order to protect our residents and staff.

  1. Covid-19 Free
  2. Regular Testing
  3. GP Appointments
  4. PPE
  5. Social Distancing
  6. Minimising Transmission
  7. Hand Hygiene
  8. Controlled Visits
  9. Safe Admissions

Covid-19 Free

Currently we do not have any cases of Coronavirus. Our Covid-19 status is shown on our website and updated as necessary.

Regular Testing

We are participating in the Government programme of regular testing which means that all of our residents are tested monthly and our staff are tested on a weekly basis. Tests will also be carried out should anyone show the symptoms of the Covid-19 with a 14 day period of self-isolation where necessary.

Any contractors or agencies are asked to comply with our strict infection control measures should they be required to enter the home.

GP Appointments

Should any of our residents require a doctor we have arranged for initial appointments to be done via video conferencing using an iPad. We have the necessary equipment such as blood pressure monitors, oximeter and thermometers etc to provide the GP with a set of observations. If necessary the GP will then arrange a face to face appointment.


We have an adequate supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and have stocks from the Government and our usual suppliers. Our staff are required to wear the appropriate PPE and training is provided to enable them to do so correctly.

All visitors are asked to wear a mask and follow our infection control processes.

Social Distancing

We are limiting the numbers of visitors to the home at any one time and at present visits are restricted to the garden. All visitors are asked to wear a face mask and observe social distancing of a minimum of 1 meter. Visits are being discreetly monitored to ensure thee is no physical contact and social distancing is observed whenever possible.

We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain social distancing in the workplace and taken all actions possible to manage transmission risk. All new admissions are require to isolate in their own rooms and take a swab test, when they first arrive with us. They will remain in their room for a period of 10 days or until their swab results show a negative status before going into the communal areas of the home.

Minimising Transmission

Every person entering our homes is required to complete a health screening process which includes a temperature check. This includes all staff working each day, any contractors, professionals and visitors who are all also asked to wear the appropriate PPE.

We do not use agency staff in order to prevent the spread of the infection between care homes.

Residents are asked to self-isolate if they have symptoms or have tested positive following their regular testing schedule or return from a hospital inpatient stay. All of our residents have en-suite rooms and can therefore elect to self-isolate in their rooms if they wish to and we are able to provide the essential contact if that is what they prefer.

Our staff are trained in infection control and we have ensured they have appropriate equipment in place to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Hand Hygiene

We have enhanced cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene procedures in line with government guidance, including establishing a hand sanitising stations in the reception lobby.

We have clear signage in our home to remind colleagues and visitors to follow good hygiene procedures.

Controlled Visits

East Sussex County Council has a traffic light system to keep everyone aware of the current level of Covid-19 across East Sussex. We monitor the traffic light system and our policies and decisions for visiting arrangements are based on the current level and a dynamic risk assessment in order to minimise risk wherever possible. We are aware of how important it is to our residents and relatives for reunions to take place after many weeks of not seeing each other in person. It’s important to us too and the staff have missed seeing the visitors almost as much as the residents have.

However, we need to take a measured approach to bringing visitors back to the home. At present visits are allowed only in the garden and are always at the full discretion of the manager and decided on by a resident by resident basis subject to the following conditions:

  • Visitors must always correctly wear a face mask
  • Social distancing must be observed
  • No physical contact

We are ready to adjust our measures further in line with guidance and the progress of the virus. All our new policies and safety measures at this time have been implemented to keep our residents, their visitors and our staff safe.

We will be continuously monitoring our new policies and Covid-19 status and will revise our policies if we need to, aways with safety and minimising any spread of the virus in mind.

Safe Admission

Sandhurst Rest Home has implemented a strict admissions policy whereby we do not admit any resident back into the home, following a stay in hospital, without evidence of a negative Covid-1 test result completed as close to admission as possible.

All new residents are require to undergo a swab test and self-isolate in their own rooms until we receive their negative status before going into the communal ares of the home.

We are in full discussions with Public Health England, local authorities and CCG’s on a case by case basis to identify how we can support people needing care without placing our existing residents and staff at risk.

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